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Re: Social Committee proposal


On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Patrick Frank wrote:
> Two examples:
> - a lot of developers, hackers and enthusiasts ride the wave that they only
> respect somebody with equal or higher skills.
> - a lot of developers, hackers and enthusiasts say, that respect has to be
> earned. and as long as no respect is earned, you have all right to treat the
> person bad, deface the person, block work of the person, etc.
> And both of these conducts are fundamentally wrong.
> That does not only create a dangerous climate for individuals, it also takes
> energy from involved people and reduces potential success of the entire
> project.
> With a bit of a change of every participants attitude, and the development
> of a social conciousness based on fundamental respect for others, the Debian
> project could benefit a lot. And a lot more of its potential could be used.
> And then - but only then - a Social Committee would make sense.

If you want a little chance to get there, you must show that it's
possible, and this committee should show the way for others. It's
difficult to expect things to change alone. 

It will take time for sure. And this committee should not be limited
to treating social problems, it should be a driving force for the project
and a decision body when needed.

IMO of course.

Raphaël Hertzog

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