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Re: Social Committee proposal

Hi Peter,
On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 05:08:42PM -0600, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Josip Rodin]
> > I also think that a social committee would be a good idea.  Even if
> > unrefined and/or undefined, just the notion of having both a
> > technical and a social committee would indicate major progress in our
> > way of thinking.
> Pretty words.  What problem is this supposed to solve?  What benefits
> can we expect from "major progress in our way of thinking"?
> > This one could be tricky to phrase. Maybe - "Decide on any social
> > matter, including social norms and customs, non-technical
> > communication among developers, and day-to-day organization matters
> > within the Project."
> For example?  For every social problem I can think of in Debian, the
> solutions are not enforceable by a committee vote, unless you give them
> the authority currently held by the DAMs, listmasters and ftpmasters.

Those people have authority to restrict people's action in Debian, which
I would say is the major 'punishment' in a free software project, so
maybe the soc-ctte can influence the actions of those who currently have
power rather than it having any real power.

> That is, the only ways I can see to effect social reforms is to be able
> to throw people out of the project, or restrict their list postings, or
> restrict their uploads.  

The reasons why people are thrown out, have their postings or
uploads restricted usually has some social component relating to a
violation of Debian social norms. Would it not be good to have the
reasons why someone was restricted be more transparent as opposed to
wondering why person X did it?

> Anything less is just empty gestures.  People
> who cause social problems don't stop just because someone asks them to
> stop.

As I said, technical means of restriction to the project is the most
obvious way to make it clear that someone's actions are not appreciated.

> Or is this, just like way too many other threads in Debian, really
> about Sven Luther needing a better ombudsman?

I guess if someone felt that a technical decison was wrong, they'd go to
the tech ctte. And similarly, if someone felt an enforment of social
policy through technical restriction was unfair, they'd go to the soc

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