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Re: Social Committee proposal

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On 01/25/2007 04:11 PM, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Hi,
> This idea arose from a discussion on the -private mailing list.
> Andreas Tille, Gustavo Franco, Manoj Srivastava and Gunnar Wolf all
> commented fairly positively on a vague idea of having a social committee
> (soc-ctte), different from the technical committee (tech-ctte).
> I'm citing their names simply to avoid an issues with taking credit.

	While we are at the initial steps of discussing this idea,
I would like to "quote" a nice blog entry (thanks to David Nusinow
- -- aka gravity -- for the link). David quoted the blog entry a
while ago, it is from a Gentoo Developer about some of situations
in Gentoo, how they tried to deal with the different situations
and how things evolved. There is also a nice followup in the


	Please, do not look to this as something specific to a
given distro or project, I'm also not trying to compare
communities, what I'm trying to do is increase the information
available for our decisions, because I _do_ think that we can
learn a lot from history, specially from similar experiences
and scenarios, in order to achieve our goals.

	This message has no intention to say "go ahead, do
that" or "stop right now, it will blow our toilets". :-)

	Kind regards,

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