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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 02:10:32 +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

Thanks for presenting your thoughts.

I'm going to make a few remarks on a meta level:

> 	- Debian shouldn't do funding of Debian work for various reasons,
> 	  that add up to it not having the support of the developer body
> No doubt some of these
> conclusions were obvious to some people before this was ever raised;
> unfortunately not everyone's that well informed.

When I read the first mail about Dunc-Tank I thought: "Hu? This will
lead to a disaster. Don't they know it or are they deliberately
ignoring it?"

Why? Because not only my personal experience in NPOs but also the
scientific literature on this subject show that a mix of paid staff
and volunteers in an organization/project leads to
disagreement/conflicts; and that introducing organzational changes
needs a specific way of doing so (getting consent, involving affected
parties, ...).

If I understand your mail correctly you (and the Dunc-Tank board)
didn't ignore these well-known facts on purpose but you just didn't
know them (which is a little embarrassing from my POV but at least it
doesn't look malicious -- and I have no reason not to believe you).

> I presume the real question is whether anyone gets funded to do Debian
> stuff in the future. 

IMO the "real question" is how we as the Debian community cope with
the social system called "Debian", especially with the issue of
organziational change. -- And from my POV it would be helpful if
either those "techies" who have influential positions in Debian learned
some basics about social systems or if they at least consulted
someone with a little more clue about social phenomena before taking
decisions/starting new initiatives.

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