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Re: Help for OSS Survey

Amaya dijo [Sat, Dec 23, 2006 at 08:33:25AM +0100]:
> I would also love to see what people like Biella Coleman would come up
> with after studying "The DunkTank" effect.

Yes. That's the only way the "experiment" can actually become an
experiment :) By doing a serious analysis, from as much a neutral and
outside position as possible.

> Why was there no such negative reaction back in the days where Ximian
> hired Gnome developers to do their Gnome work? Why is this so different
> in Debian, if Ximian's CEO was also the Gnome Project Leader? Why did
> the rest of the Gnome Developers accept this situation without the
> bitterness we've seen in Debian?

There are many, many differences between our projects. Some that
become obvious to me is that, in 2000, Miguel was not just the guy
elected to be the single point of contact and to act as an abstract
leader, but he was really the main coordinator for the Gnome
development. Miguel has a strong, natural outwards personality, and he
has always led the group he is in (or at least, where I have happened
to meet him ;-) ). The leadership in Debian is completely in different
story, and I don't mean by this to say that AJ is any less - When this
whole mess began, I privately congratulated him, not because of a good
or bad decision, but for having the guts to go forward with it and
actually act as a _leader_. Of course, maybe we are too equal, so
pushing to a controversial move is much too harder. AJ has been rated
high on (at least my) radar of the DD meritocracy since I joined in,
but still, the spike where he and the rest of the cabal^Wmost active
members are is not such a peak as Miguel over most Gnome people.

Besides that, while nobody in his right mind will deny that getting
involved with enterprises has helped Gnome get more professional,
it's also undeniable that the nature of the project is completely
different. It's no longer a bunch of individuals, and although the
Gnome Foundation is still separated from Novell, I know many people
that left the Gnome development for bitterness because things were no
longer done following the community's ways, but in a much more
enterprise-driven fashion.


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