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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

gregor herrmann <gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at> writes:
> Why? Because not only my personal experience in NPOs but also the
> scientific literature on this subject show that a mix of paid staff
> and volunteers in an organization/project leads to
> disagreement/conflicts; and that introducing organzational changes
> needs a specific way of doing so (getting consent, involving affected
> parties, ...).

This is not a certain cause-effect relationship. For example, I work
hundreds of hours of voluntary work for the Finnish Red Cross, which
has a staff of a two hundred or so paid workers in addition to the
thousands of volunteers. There are very few conflicts between the
volunteers and the paid staff - perhaps because we are all working
towards the same goal and the staff takes care of the boring routine
things, leaving the volunteers to do what they want, when they want.

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