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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

Sven Luther dijo [Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 01:21:35PM +0100]:
> How are you going to measure the long-term demotivation which results from the
> experiment ? How are you going to measure the already happened demotivation ?
> How are you going to guarantee that the previously demotivated folk who
> remotivate themselves after the experiment is finished are not going to be
> counted as favourable elements of the experiment.
> Like said, the experiment will finish once it is officially finished, and once
> the analysis has been done, and the final report result is published. Given
> the impact of long-term demotivation, you can thus not expect the experiment
> impact to finish any time soon.

Thing is, this project was set up as an experiment in quite a broad
sense - No, it is not a controlled experiment, with known input and
expected output conditions. There is absolutely no way we can measure
all of its ramifications, there is no way we can go back in time and
see what happens if the experiment is carried out differently (or not
at all). 

Maybe this confusion comes from the fact that most of us, people
involved in Debian, come from a +- Mathematical background, and this
experiment was a social one? We cannot ask for precise measurements,
we cannot be sure if the experiment was a success or a failure. 

The experiment, IMHO, will not exactly "finish", but will be
integrated into the long-running experiment that's called Debian. The
money variable has touched our experiment from many different angles,
and what Dunc-tank does is just to add one more angle. And, just as
Ubuntu, its influence (for good or for bad) will just stay there,
influencing the project from now on. Even if dunc-tank is officially
dissolved, other people might form a similar group, either visible or


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