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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Personally, I'd say that now would be the time for any anti-payment
> people to say "we can do this better, and look, we'll prove it", and make
> up their own target date for etch, and demonstrate how much energy and
> effort can be mustered just by having a good idea and good people and
> putting them together to get a goal achieved.

   It looks to me that you are now asking others to set up the
experimental protocol you failed to deliver when the "experiment" was
being discussed. As of now, anything that might happen can be reused for
a Dunc-Tank PR explaining how much the "experiment" helped.

   Nowhere have I seen an official statement, explicit or implied, that
Dunc-Tank will be a failure if XYZ happens, hence I fail to see how the
so-called "anti-payment" people could be motivated to do anything yet.
Please correct me if such a statement exists.


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