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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

>> > > I would be interested in the difference of the two action lists.
>> > 
>> > Well, the experiment is flawed [...]

>> Let me ask again: What is going to happen when the experiment is
>> continued? [...]

Sven Luther, 2006-12-13 13:21:35 +0100 :

> How are you going to measure the long-term demotivation which
> results from the experiment ? [...]

You may like to prefer replying to questions with other questions, but
there are at least two people (Marc Haber and myself) who would
actually like an simple answer to a simple question: what's going to
be different if the experiment stops now (which is what you're asking
for) rather than in a week or so?

  If you're asking for something precise and concrete (viz. to end the
experiment a week earlier than planned), please provide reasons that
are related to what you ask, rather than reasons that relate to
something else.  Thanks.

Roland Mas

One... two... one, two, many, lots!
  -- Lias, in Soul music (Terry Pratchett)

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