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Re: possible solution for "open source"-"closed source"-problem?

"Johann Horwath" <j.horwath@salk.at> wrote:
> if the user accepts the license there should be an easy
> install/download-possibility of those closed-source-software, so that the
> user feels, he/she has a fine system. :-)
> so the system (debian) is out of problems generally (imo) [...]

Not really.  You leave debian developers doing more work to support
that black box software.  In some cases, you cannot tell whether the
easy install/download has worked properly or caused problems.  The
uneasy compromise of 'add non-free and install if you know what you're
doing' seems better than your suggestion.

> i would love an installation-process (and a hardware-recognition after
> installing) where i - the user - was informed about many (every?) thing.
> maybe there could be a list of all hardware that was detected, what
> categories this hardware is belonging to and what software is and could be
> installed to get it running.

Try the hardware-recogniser at http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/

> and for each "category" there should be a list of possible
> software-packages, and i - the user - could take the ones, which fits best.

Try aptitude.

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