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possible solution for "open source"-"closed source"-problem?


couldn't this be a solution for the big problem open/closed-source:

the system should be basically only be open-source.

if there is a hardware, that can only be run with closed-source-drivers, the
user should be informed. afterwards there should be a possibility to choose
what should be done (ignore hardware/install open-source-software/install
closed-source-software), and if the user chooses closed-source-software then
he/she should accept an accordingly(license-)info (after the information the
user should know, what's going on and that there could be some future
problems like licensing-fees or similar).

if the user accepts the license there should be an easy
install/download-possibility of those closed-source-software, so that the
user feels, he/she has a fine system. :-)

so the system (debian) is out of problems generally (imo), the user knows
what could be problematic, the choice of closed-source-software is his/her
responsibility, debian cannot be blamed, but the user can have a system that
runs even flash, ati...-specialities... if he/she likes.

the worst way, imo, is, to mix up open and closed-source. 
the best way is, imo, to clearly seperate everything and to let the end-user
choose, what he/she would like to have on his/her own responsibility.


now as i'm here, i have - for a long time now - another debian-wish (it's
generally linux, but i feel debian is the leading distro):

"linux" tries to find everything by itself (hardware-recognition, driver
install...). the user is not noticed until the install is ready. and then
this poor one (and here i think of those not so experinced - like me :-( )
is often left alone with finding a (mostly difficult) way, to get special
things to run (i remember the days, when my cd-recorder was only recognized
as cd-player and i didn't find a way to alter this...).

i would love an installation-process (and a hardware-recognition after
installing) where i - the user - was informed about many (every?) thing.
maybe there could be a list of all hardware that was detected, what
categories this hardware is belonging to and what software is and could be
installed to get it running. in this list, i - the user - should have the
possibility to change things: maybe i have a dvd-ram-recorder and the system
"found only a dvd-recorder" or similar. then i should be able to tell the
system the better/the right categorie, so that the right software could be

this should be done in a similar way with adding users (what are the groups
for,...) and with installing firewalls.

and for each "category" there should be a list of possible
software-packages, and i - the user - could take the ones, which fits best.

maybe the installatin process would last a little bit longer, but the system
would then be clear and transparent for everybody! everyone would know,
what's running and why on his/her computer. this would be (will be??) a
relieve in my life and i think for debian (linux) too.

is this only a (my) dream?

hans horwath

p.s.: i don't know, if i'm here right with my lines, but it seemed the best
way to me.
if not, please tell me where i should mail to go instead.

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