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Re: Proposal: Handling of changelog bug closures in Debian derived distros

Guillem Jover skrev:

For "specs" I would add a new syntax, which could be used by everyone
equally, even Debian could start using it if desired. Do launchpad specs
have a numeric value or are just strings?

They are just strings. But, as I wrote, they are just one example; we would probably want to associate uploads and bzr branches as well. The LP syntax could be LP: #123 for closing bugs, LP: spec $specname for associating with a spec, and LP: bzr $product/$branchname (or something similar) for associating bzr branches with an upload.

What about "Implements: foo" (or similar), a proper regex would have
to be defined, but you get the idea.

Specs generally aren't implemented by a single upload, so it would be Spec-related or something like that.

I would rather just have a namespace allocation and derivatives can do whatever they want within their namespace, but to a certain degree I see why this is problematic and it seems you are unhappy with that?

- tfheen

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