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Sun T2000 available for SPARC development

Sun has kindly donated a Fire T2000 machine to Debian.  This machine is
based on Sun's new UltraSparc T1 CPU, better known as Niagara [1].  The
CPU has 8 cores, each with 4 threads, yielding 32 threads in total.

While this box belongs to Debian, it is not part of the .debian.org
hierarchy.  This is because support for this machine is still relatively
new and because having a SPARC box outside of the .debian.org domain
gives us some flexibility; e.g. it's possible to give sudo or virtual
hosts (using vserver) to people.

At the moment, the machine is mainly used for the following tasks:

 - Experimental Linux kernel build server (Bastian Blank)
 - GCC 4.2 tests on SPARC (Martin Michlmayr)

If you would like to have access, please get in contact with Bastian at

The specification of the machine is as follows:

  Sun Fire T2000
  UltraSparc T1
  32 GB of RAM
  2 x 70 GB hard drive

I'd like to thank Sun for their kind contribution and support of Debian's
SPARC port!

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UltraSPARC_T1
Martin Michlmayr

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