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Open Letter to Anthony Towns about the d-i mediation ...

Hi Anthony,

It has now been about a week that i tried to enter in contact with you both by
email and on irc, including by writing to the leader@debian.org address, but
without success.

When you handled the mediation over the dispute between me and Frans pop and
some few other unamed guys of the d-i team, back in spring, you set up rules
which i had to follow in order to prove my good faith or something, and
promised you would revisit the issue at some later time. Well, most of it was
in personal mail, but the public sub-part of this thread was : 


(Which now that i re-read it, is fully biased against me in that dispute, and
fully supportive of frans and co).

It is my strong believe that i have been playing by those rules these past
months, and have made numerous contributions to the d-i powerpc port, by those
rules. I investigated and partly fixed the long standing graphical installer
bug on powerpc boxes, i tested and added support for G5 based powermacs
fancontrol allowing to do installations without getting fans into
aircraft-like noise levels, i fixed pegasos support, and fixed the breakage
caused by my patch being slightly modified and an untested version being
commited, i added support for the IBM pseries serial ports, and for Power5+
cpus, as well as did testing on non-virtualized IBM pseries, and filled bug
reports with patches or information about the breakage on yaboot-installer for
non-apple support. I also did some assorted fixes into the d-i build system.

All this i did in a constructive way, by the rules you defined, and i think it
is now right to ask you to revisit the issue as you promised in spring,
especially, as Frans has not been behaving correctly in return, nor being in
any way appreciative of the effort i am making. He has been being
un-provocatively bashfull at least 5 times these past 2 months for example, he
takes exception of the most minor of typos in patches, and generalizes them to
try to disminish me and put in doubt the quality of all my work i ever did for
debian, and worse of all, there is not even a single hint of the situation
*EVER* going to improve and be normalized despite the effort i have and may
yet make.

I also notice that this issue has now been dragged on for over 6 months, and
that by the way you set things up, and the non-cooperative nature of frans on
this issue, it has caused recuring threads which are seen as a bother to a lot
of people, inside of debian-boot, or outside. Threads started mostly by frans
bashing me, but for which i receive all the blame.

This situation has lasted enough, and i have been trying to contact you for
around a week now, but without success, so it leaves me no other solution than
bring it up in a public forum, and i now ask you that you stay true to your
word, and revisit the issue now.


Sven Luther

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