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Open letter to the debian-installer team, do we really need to drag this petty conflict so much longer ?

Hi Debian-installer team members.

As you all know, there is a petty dispute going on between me and frans (and
maybe a few silent others), and this issue has been open since over 6 months
now, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Some (like Alphix), have said they feel not concerned by this, while frans and
a few others insist it is not a personal issue, i don't really know what to
think about it, but my own impression is that the only thing really at issue
at this point, and so long after the events, are frans's pride, and my
frustration at being unable to properly and efficiently working on
debian-installer and fixing bugs nobody else seems to be caring about.

Anyway, the fact that we are still having this issue months after the facts,
and despite me working constructively and within the constraints imposed to me
by the DPL mediation, just shows that the current situation is broken, and
that there is no hope of it ever getting solved, and that the original
mediation proposal was flawed, as i warned about so many months back.

As long as Frans is at the same time judge and party to the dispute, and given
the fact that he seems unable to admit his own errors in this mess, there will
never be a problem, and Frans will continue to constantly provoke me, and i
will from time to time be unable to resist responding to said provocations.

So, do we really want this to be dragged on forever ? I don't think so, i
believe everyone, including me, is sick to death about this. I thus make the
following proposal :

  1) someone neutral or maybe a neutral committee or whatever, is the one in
  charge of judging me, and does so honestly and publicly.

  2) frans stops immediately his provocations against me.

  3) at some predefined time, those judging the issue, will do so. This needs
  to be some finite and clearly stated time, though. My personal opinion in
  this is that 6 months would have been well enough, if not for the fact that
  frans is both the judge on this, and has been provoking me voluntarily
  during this whole time.

  4) if frans behaves badly, then those judging it should not be afraid to say
  so, and frans should accept the reprimand for it.

  5) nobody gets offended when technical proposals are discussed, even if
  those proposals are not within the official dogma.

We are all sick of this, i have been trying to be positive and constructive
since months now, but there is really no hope of it ever going better, so
let's all remember what we promised in the social contract, that we would put
free software and our users as our priority, and set aside those personal
petty disputes, so we can all again concentrate on doing the best technical
work we can.

In hope of finding fair and reasonable readers, ...


Sven Luther

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