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uses for "efficient computation" in various corners of debian?

hey folks,

as some of you may know, i'm going through the last half of a two year
masters' program in "efficient computation" at lund university[1].  for
the final semester i'm required to do a rather open-ended project/thesis
something along the lines of my course of study.

so, naturally, my imagination turns towards the debian project wondering
how i might be able to combine my academic and debian interests into
a common objective.  so, please consider this a solicitation for ideas.
if any of them sound genuinely interesting/relevant, i'll take them by
my advisor for approval.

i should elaborate a bit more on "relevant".  basically, this is a
largely theoretical program, and any project would need to tie into that
in some form or other.  so the following would probably not make the

- implement foo in C instead of (perl/sh/whatever)
- rewrite foo to use X to make it go faster

whereas the following would:

- anything remotely resembling a graph theory problem (pkg deps? bts?)
- introducing new and non-trivial algorithms in bottlenecks anywhere
  in the "project architecture" (vague, i know)

any comments/feedback welcome.  feel free to reply off-list (or cc me
anyway, since i'm not subscribed).


[1] http://www.cs.lu.se/masters/

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