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Re: How could we give away Debian CDs/DVDs for free?

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [061016 18:19]:
> * Jason Spiro (jasonspiro4+news@gmail.com) [061016 03:15]:
> > What if we found some way to give away Debian CDs/DVDs to whoever wanted
> > them for free through the mail, like Ubuntu does?
> i have tried to find out how much this would cost.
> aparently the posting of CDs/DVDs is the really expensive part.
> things like cutting corners by producing CDs on every continent
> and distributing them "regionally" seem to be inpractical due to
> poor quality of some CD/DVD producing locations. Furthermore
> CDs/DVDs were not as shit-cheep as i had expected; i think a CD
> was ~20cent (not sure, have my notes not here), DVDs were more.

that was not correct: a CD is 14cent or down to 8cent if you buy
numbers (like 100k), while a DVD would be 29cent.

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