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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?

Steve Langasek wrote:
> You appear to believe that adding people to the project will improve the
> ratio of developers to packages.  I do not; I expect it will cause the
> number of packages to increase in proportion to the increase in developers,
> because people choose to become developers to scratch *their own* itches
> and those will frequently be different than the itches of those who came
> before them and left behind orphaned packages.

You appear to believe that this is a bad thing.

As a user, the size of Debian's archive is a major selling point -
possibly the single most important selling point, when compared to
other Linux distributions - and I can only see increases in its
coverage as a Good Thing.  The amount of trouble occasioned when
I run across the rare piece of software that I need which is *not*
packaged only underlines how good it is that almost everything *is*
packaged.  (For example, I wasted nearly a month back in the spring
trying to get a working version of the "Player/Stage" robot simulator
on my system - if it had been packaged, I would have been able to
trust that it did work and get on to what I actually wanted to be doing.)

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