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Re: How could we give away Debian CDs/DVDs for free?

* Jason Spiro (jasonspiro4+news@gmail.com) [061016 03:15]:
> What if we found some way to give away Debian CDs/DVDs to whoever wanted
> them for free through the mail, like Ubuntu does?

i have tried to find out how much this would cost.

aparently the posting of CDs/DVDs is the really expensive part.
things like cutting corners by producing CDs on every continent
and distributing them "regionally" seem to be inpractical due to
poor quality of some CD/DVD producing locations. Furthermore
CDs/DVDs were not as shit-cheep as i had expected; i think a CD
was ~20cent (not sure, have my notes not here), DVDs were more.

for the amount of CDs and DVDs we would expect to hand out (100k?) we
would need some kind of professional distribution company. I
approached one such company and asked for help, which is pending.

anyone have lots of money for this?

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