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Clint Adams wrote:
> What were the terms of that contract?
> Were you paid by the word or by the issue?

I was saleried.

> In particular, what remedies would you be obliged to provide if you
> failed to publish DWN every week, or if the quality fell below a
> defined threshold?

If I didn't work on the projects I was assigned (mostly Debian) for an
appropriate number of hours per day, or if management felt that my work
wasn't up to par, or that I was otherwise not being a benefit to
$COMPANY [1], I could be fired at will with two (IIRC) weeks notice.

see shy jo

[1] Pretty easy to guess which one, and I don't particularly claim that
    this arragement and other similar ones were necessarily a good plan
    for them in the medium run. In the long run, if $COMPANY had
    survived, it would have benefitted from some of the projects I was
    able to do there, like debconf and d-i.

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