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* Andrew Donnellan (ajdlinux@gmail.com) [061016 12:49]:
> I guess that several things need to be done:
> 1) Publicise the Times a bit more; I would guess there are many more
> DWN subscribers than Times readers

Suggestions welcome.

> 2) Make the procedure for submissions a bit more clear: DWN is simply
> dwn(at)debian(dot)org; is DebianTimes simply the publicity list?


> 3) Possibly get some sort of team together (if there isn't one
> already) to work on reporting regularly. (If such team exists/is
> formed count me in :)

You're welcome. Such a team exists in parts, as Martin (zobel) and I are
currently responsible, but we definitly need more people. I'm happy to
give (more) people direct write access as soon as they're working
regularly on DebianTimes. If there is anything else you want, please
feel free to prod me directly. Anyone who is interessted in becoming
part of the team, please subscribe to debian-publicity and feel free to
propose articles and work on provided articles.


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