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Andreas Barth wrote:
> > 3) Possibly get some sort of team together (if there isn't one
> > already) to work on reporting regularly. (If such team exists/is
> > formed count me in :)
> You're welcome. Such a team exists in parts, as Martin (zobel) and I are
> currently responsible, but we definitly need more people. I'm happy to
> give (more) people direct write access as soon as they're working
> regularly on DebianTimes. If there is anything else you want, please
> feel free to prod me directly. Anyone who is interessted in becoming
> part of the team, please subscribe to debian-publicity and feel free to
> propose articles and work on provided articles.

For what it's worth, DWN has sought (regular) contributors for several
years (see the last paragraph of each issue).  However, only few people
have really contributed regularly: Andre Lehovich, Matt Black, Dan Hunt,
Sebastian Feltel and Mohammed Adnène Trojette are the only (more or less)
regular contributors besides me.  If you want to see DWN revived, find
people who contribute.

Here is what I wrote to the DWN people in September:

| I don't know how to continue DWN or not.  With the unfortunate start
| of the Dunc Tank project and the sudden will to fund some developers
| so the release gets out in December I'm not willing to spend one day
| per week on writing DWN.  I may add an item when it is submitted,
| maybe I'll edit it, maybe not.  I'm not sure if there would be enough
| to include by next week this way.  However, we'll have to face it.
| DWN is just not important.  Apparently, the only thing that counts is
| getting etch out in December.

The only two items in the prepared but unreleased issue are from

If you send in enough items to make an issue, I'm willing to release
it on the next available Tuesday.  You could also think about funding
DWN if it's important enough.



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