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Re: How could we give away Debian CDs/DVDs for free?

* gregor herrmann (gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at) [061016 11:17]:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:11:49 +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > * Steve McIntyre (steve@einval.com) [061016 11:09]:
> > > If people have to pay something for them (even
> > > something really cheap), then they're more likely to take an interest.
> > Depending on the event, we ask for money (unless someone is really
> Out of curiosity: How much would/do the both of you charge for a CD?

"Depends" - we usually say: "We require a donation for the DVD" and
leave the amount to the person taking the DVD. If we see someone is
really interessted, we give it away for free as well - but most people
don't mind 50 Cents or 1 Euro.

It also depends a lot on the booth, where they're at the booth, how many
people are coming, ... On some events, giving away DVDs for free is not
a problem (or even recommended, in case we get lots of free DVDs from a
sponsor to hand them out), in other cases it is different. So, final
decision is always with the people at the booth.


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