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Re: Improving the DAM-queue?

also sprach Ana Guerrero <ana@ekaia.org> [2006.10.11.1040 +0200]:
> Yeah, but this frustration is not only about be able to upload
> your own packages, this is also about, i.e., have rights to vote
> in the currents GR. 

Exactly. So why not work towards a scheme where you can have vote
and private access, but not write access to the archive if not
needed? Contributions like translations and other
package-overarching changes are much better done in a centralised
fashion (see debtags).

But anyway, from a furious discussion on #debian.de I want to make
sure that you don't read my mail as anything other than what it was
supposed to be:

  - my own opinion
  - not a criticism of NM or a hint that I know how to improve it
  - a suggestion to assign more granular rights to people according
    to what they need to accomplish their tasks in Debian, not as
    a way to reward someone or to separate the full DDs from the
    half DDs.
  - an expression of my desire to do something about inactive DDs
    who all have write rights to the project.

But this has all been discussed.

I shall tend to the etch release now. This is definitely material
for afterwards.

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