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Re: New website layout / design contest?

On Wednesday 06 September 2006 12:49, Chris Waters wrote:
> But people who aren't running Debian aren't (by definition) our users,
> so trying to attract them with shiny slow graphics and distracting
> color changes and annoying animations and excessive clutter and other
> hallmarks of "modern" websites is not our priority.  Maybe you want we
> should use Flash everywhere too?

There is some difference between the current appearance of debian.org and 
delusions from mabushi "web designers" called "web 2.0".

Don't claim that the appearance isn't important. A lot of people will prove 
you wrong. Just because you (and I) like the technical aspects of Debian 
better it does not mean that users don't care about appearance. My 
mother-in-law uses Debian and she has never in her life heard of "dpkg" 
or "apt". And she prefers one instant messenger over the other just by the 
looks of the GUI.

Our cantina is a good proof that ugly things can taste good. You are 
invited for a sample. :)

> And saying that "our priorities are our users" doesn't mean that we
> should try to dazzle our users with glitzy graphics and "cool"
> interfaces when they want help and information.

The reason CSS was invented was to seperate design and content. We are not 
critisizing the content. The content is great.

> Anyway, I'm not opposed to the idea of a website redesign.  But when
> people say, "how can we make it look better" rather than "how can we
> make it work better", that worries me.

For me design goes with functionality. And now I quit babbling before I 
start talking like a marketing dork.


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