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Concerns with Open/OS Corporate Linux ads?


I am holding in my hands the 09/06 copy of the German Linux Magazin,
and on page 76, opensourcefactory.com has advertised Open/OS
Corporate Linux [0], which apparently makes Debian "mature".

0. http://www.open-os.com/cms/index.php?page=Home

It calls our distro "reliable and secure" and states that they add
"maturity and corporate readiness". Then they go on to state that
Debian is

  - reliable
  - secure
  - upgradeable
  - integrateable
  - preconfigured
  - remotely administratable

and that they add support and maintenance, which adds the features

  - reliable release cycle
  - newest packages
  - security team
  - preselected packages
  - security administration
  - certification
  - software tests

the result is Open/OS Corporate Linux, which is thus

  - stable
  - secure
  - business-oriented

While I applaud their efforts and I think it's exceptionally great
how they are open about Debian forming the basis of their product
(!), the ad also leaves a weird aftertaste, specifically because 

  - we have our own security team
  - we have preselected packages (tasks)
  - we are definitely ready for the business world
    (I know what they mean, I guess)

and since their ad is entitled "Debian of full age", it kind of
suggests that Debian per se is immature, a child, an assertion I'd
strongly oppose.

I'd be interested in what people think. Am I just overreacting?

Should we do anything about this? If so, what?

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