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Re: Concerns with Open/OS Corporate Linux ads?

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> I am holding in my hands the 09/06 copy of the German Linux Magazin,
> and on page 76, opensourcefactory.com has advertised Open/OS
> Corporate Linux [0], which apparently makes Debian "mature".
> I'd be interested in what people think. Am I just overreacting?

I think it's a legitimate concern and you should move constructively to 
address it in the forum(s) it appeared.

> Should we do anything about this? If so, what?

As a first step, send an open letter 'Debian Developer to Open/OS - are 
you mature enough to help debian?' suggesting how they could use their 
stated features to help the project, if they are anything more than a 
childish scalper who takes resources from the commons without giving 
anything back.  At a basic level, how much of the EUR 249 do they 
contribute back to the project, on average, directly or in kind?

You may also like to challenge their less clear claims, such as:
 - who is their jahrelangem Debian Know-How (German: all your 
language are belong to us) and how hochqualifizertem are they?
 - do the Regression-Tests in their Umfangreiche Testverfahren cover 
all web servers, all mail servers and so on, or does Open/OS give
users less choice if they want the testing?
 - just how fest is their Reaktionszeiten?

Just some ideas,
MJ Ray - see http://mjr.towers.org.uk/email.html
North End, Lynn, Norfolk, England
Work: http://www.ttllp.co.uk/
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