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Re: Concerns with Open/OS Corporate Linux ads?

* martin f krafft [Tue, 29 Aug 2006 19:17:39 +0200]:

> Then they go on to state that Debian is

>   - reliable
>   - secure
>   - upgradeable
>   - integrateable
>   - preconfigured
>   - remotely administratable

> and that they add support and maintenance, which adds the features

>   - reliable release cycle
>   - newest packages
>   - security team
>   - preselected packages
>   - security administration
>   - certification
>   - software tests

> I'd be interested in what people think. Am I just overreacting?

I think you're reacting in the wrong direction (or at least, in the
wrong direction for a *first* reaction.)

With this I mean that, if Debian initiates contact with this entity, I'd
like for it to be to mention that, if they're interested, they can
contact DPL-delegated Project Member Joe to work out and discuss
possible ways to have some of their work go back to Debian. (See below)

I'd offer myself, but while I know the Debian side well, I'm quite
unfamiliar with the enterprise environment. I'd be happy to act as an
assistant of the delegated person, should anybody step. :-)

                                 * * *

Having their work go back to Debian may sound impossible to you if you
think of "straightaway", but it should be workable. To mention a couple

  * release the backports they produce ("newest packages") after a
    while; eg. release backport for AppFrog X.Y.Z right after they've
    made X.Y.Z+1 available to their clients; or X.Y+1.0; or X+1.0.0.

  * allow the staff that prepares security updates for them, to spend 1
    out of each X working hours preparing a patch for a vulnerability
    present in a stable package they don't support, coordinating with
    the Security Team as to not duplicate effort.


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