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No more bugreports from me.

It's not fun to reports bugs to the Debian bug tracking system. The thanks you 
get is spam.
 I have a special e-mail address that I use then I'm little afraid that it 
becomes public. My intention is to change that address then it collect to 
much spam.
 But my latest contribution to the Debian bug tracking system was a big 
mistake. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=45480
 The report you can see was a ordinary e-mail sent to the maintainer of 
Aptitude. He saw it as a Dpkg thing and asked me if he could send it to the 
public dpkg list. I said O.K. Now you can think I have to blame myself but I 
could never thought about that he would include my personal information, 
including my main e-mail address, then he send it further to the public dpkg 
list. But he did.
 To avoid spam I send a mail, four days ago, to the Debian bug tracking system 
administrator and asked him to remove my personal information. I haven't 
heard from him and my personal information is still public in the bugreport.
 Today I got my first spam ever to my main e-mail address and now I'm very 
angry and dissatisfied. Spam should not be the drawback for reporting bugs, I 
think. And the Debian bug tracking system is not a place there I want to 
contribute anymore.

Magnus Berg

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