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Re: No more bugreports from me.


>  The report you can see was a ordinary e-mail sent to the maintainer of 
> Aptitude. He saw it as a Dpkg thing and asked me if he could send it to the 
> public dpkg list. I said O.K. Now you can think I have to blame myself but I 
> could never thought about that he would include my personal information, 
> including my main e-mail address, then he send it further to the public dpkg 
> list. But he did.
It sounds to me that there was a misunderstanding and this is most
unfortunate. However, misunderstanding happens, especially in written
language. Please do not blame the Aptitude maintainer for this, since he
probably thought, that your consent to forward your mail, covered the
full email.
However, in such a case it would be in my opinion most desirable, if the
BTS administrator could act quickly to remedy the situation (even though
the BTS is probably mirrored at various locations..).

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