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Re: DebianTimes launched

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) [060804 11:17]:
> Andreas Barth wrote:
> > > Hm, ok. I can see your point, but I disagree (but of course, I'm biased).
> > > 
> > > Anyways, if more DDs feel your way, I will remove DebianTimes. (DWN was
> > > removed due to flooding planet, not for "it's not a personal blog, btw.)
> > 
> > After some more of the feedback, I decided to remove it from
> > PlanetDebian. That same reason should IMHO also apply to removing the
> > DebConf Blog (and not adding one for DebConf 7) and permanently removing
> > DWN from PlanetDebian.
> As far as I know DWN is permanently removed.  If readers want to read
> it via a feed aggregator, they are invited to use one of the RSS feeds
> at http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/dwn.$(LANG).rdf
> There's a comment in the Planet configuration file to prevent further
> addition.  I guess a similar comment should be made for Debian Times.

DWN was removed because it floods planet (because every spelling fix
changes the published date).

A comment about impersonal blogs has already been commited by me to the
config file after sending out the previous mail.


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