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Re: DebianTimes launched

Le ven 4 août 2006 11:17, Lars Wirzenius a écrit :
> pe, 2006-08-04 kello 10:52 +0200, Andreas Barth kirjoitti:
> > After some more of the feedback, I decided to remove it from
> > PlanetDebian. That same reason should IMHO also apply to removing
> > the DebConf Blog (and not adding one for DebConf 7) and permanently
> > removing DWN from PlanetDebian.
> Perhaps a Planet Impersonal Debian would be good, for such rss feeds
> that are not personal web logs? Since there are several, and they
> come and go, it would save those of us who are interested in
> following them all (or almost all) from having to keep track of them
> ourselves.


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