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DebianTimes launched


today, we launched a new service DebianTimes, times.debian.net. Its
intend is to deliver larger and smaller "nice items" to developers and
interested users.

DebianTimes is available as html-page and rss-feed. It has been added to
PlanetDebian as well (except the syndicated weekly news). DebianTimes
is currently only available in english, but the infrastructure has been
set up with translation in mind (and we should add translation soon).

If you have any story/report/... you think could be on DebianTimes,
please feel free to contact the DebianTimes-team at
debian-publicity@lists.debian.org. If you like to become a regular
contributor, please subscribe to that list, and help us writing good
articles. If there are any other questions or issues, please feel free
to contact us.


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