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Re: NMUs and (auto-)subscription to the PTS

Adeodato Simó wrote:
> ISTR a discussion about automatically subscribing NMUers to the PTS
> for the package, and dropping the subscription with the next upload of
> the package (be it a maintainer upload or not).

That would be wonderful! 
I manually track the bugs of the packages I upload or sponsor using the
developer.php qa web interface, but that is cumbersome, prone to
mistakes, and plain painful. It basically only works well for RC bugs. 

I don't want to manually subscribe to every package bugs, and then have
to manually unsubscribe, and track if there was any maintainer upload.
Having it automatically done for me would be wonderful, specially
because the kind of packages I target have had the latest upload with
gcc 2 ;) and they usually fail when being autobuilt after upload. The
bugs filed by the porting teams are RC only for release target arches,
so the rest are hard to spot. 

> If there are no reasonable objections, I'll let this hang in my
> ~/TODO. :)

Please, pretty please do!

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