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Re: package ownership in Debian (was: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?)

also sprach Fabio Tranchitella <kobold@debian.org> [2006.07.28.1815 +0100]:
> Ubuntu already solved the first problem, and it is working on the
> second with bazaar-ng and all its infrastructure. We aren't doing
> nothing to solve the two problems above, though.

I am actively working on it. It's just not as easy when you can't
start from scratch as Ubuntu did.

also sprach Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> [2006.07.28.1828 +0100]:
> what makes Ubuntu able to do this, is that there is a big someone
> that can tell: every package is maintained in bzr, and those who
> don't agree get fired. (exagerated of course, it's just the
> general idea).

This is not the case, as I learnt today. Packages can be maintained
however the maintainer chooses. They will be imported into Launchpad
whereever the source may be, and then they are available in bzr for
branching and bug fixing. Maintainers can get patches (via Launchpad
presumably), or just use the branches directly, and packages will be
built from here automatically (by Soyuz), much according to what
I had proposed, but without the certificates:


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