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Re: Fundamental flaw in bug reporting system

Adam McKenna writes ("Re: Fundamental flaw in bug reporting system"):
> I don't think this logically follows..  I don't see how "inaccessibility"
> of the BTS would necessarily result in better quality bug reports.

If you really think this, please go and look at the bug reports filed
against Ubuntu in the Launchpad bugtracker.  For example, compare
   (scroll down to the bottom to see the newly-reported bugs)

> Frustrating the user could lead to an even poorer quality bug report than 
> would have been given in the first place.

It works because it acts as a filter.  Ability and willingness to
write a good bug report are correlated pretty strongly with ability
and willingness to read and understand documentation on how to report

The users who don't know how to write a good report, but do care about
doing so, read the documentation and do file a good report.  Those who
don't know and don't care are discouraged and go elsewhere, to the
benefit of the developers and of the software quality.


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