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DebConf 7 Venue Decision Delegation

Hi all,

In the next couple of weeks the decision on where to hold next year's
DebConf will be made. The candidates at present are Sarajevo (Bosnia,
SJJ) and Edinburgh (Scotland, EDI), with Safir Secerovic and Moray Allan
being the chief contacts for the respective bids.

In light of the discussion in Mexico about bringing the DebConf
organisation more closely into Debian, and hopefully making it a bit
easier for the organisers to deal with SPI and other organisations in
future by making the lead organiser(s) official delegates, it seems like
a good idea to make a start now by officially delegating the decision on
which of the two cities will host the next DebConf. So after talking with
a few of the key organisers, the delegation is:

    Andreas Schuldei (stockholm -- overall organisation)
    Gunnar Wolf (gwolf -- local organisation)
    Margarita Manterola (marga -- accommodation)
    Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar -- talks)
    Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff -- networking)
    Bdale Garbee (bdale -- external perspective)

I believe these developers have a good understanding of all the concerns
that the project expects the bidders to address, and I think they each
have a great deal of experience and knowledge about a key aspect of
running a good DebConf, as I've tried to indicate above.

Andreas, Alexander and Joerg will shortly be visiting both locations to
quiz the organising teams and see the proposed venues close up. Moray
(from the Edinburgh team) will be joining them in Sarajevo so that the
two teams have a chance to talk in person about their preparation so
far and ideas.  We're hoping that it'll be obvious which bid is best
prepared and that everyone, including both sets of potential organisers,
will agree as to which bid is clearly the best, but in the event that
there isn't a unanimous consensus, the delegates listed above will vote,
with Andreas holding a casting vote in the case of a tie.

Obviously, they'll be able to make a better decision with more
information, so please do contact any of the people mentioned above,
and particularly the bid contacts Moray and Safir, if you have helpful
suggestions that will improve the next DebConf, or, even better, actually
pitch in and actually implement your idea, which to some extent or
another, is how all the above folks have gotten involved.

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Anthony Towns, Debian Project Leader

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