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Re: Debian women: please pass away

Debian Women Please Pass Away <debianwomenpassaway@yahoo.com>
> Debian-women is an affront to all the men who make
> debian the best linux distro out there. We do not need
> a feminist organization attached to debian.

This is unhelpful and the reasons given are quite offensive.
The debian-women project appears to have basic problems and
I'm surprised how little criticism it seems to get for them.
However, if this sort of loony attack is as bad as it gets from
outside debian, then there's probably no damage and I can see
why most developers would be happy to let d-w continue as it is.

The OP didn't inspire me to spend any more time on it and I
think the only time we should spend is publicly condemning his
men-only attitude as strongly as a women-only one.  I'm not sure
what hate crime law could achieve: he told the d-w project to
terminate, not its members, and there is a difference. Warn the
OP for flaming (breach of lists code of conduct) and wait.

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