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Debian women: please pass away

Debian-women is an affront to all the men who make
debian the best linux distro out there. We do not need
a feminist organization attached to debian.

Dear Debian women;

Please be considerate to the men who power FLOSS (men
power the movement on their own time, not corporate
hired women that run open office.org as mandated by
SUN) and expire yourselves. The world does not need
more rights for women, more feminism, and it is not
your God given right to muscle (with the help of your
limp-wristed "nice guy" friends) your way into free
libre open source projects; it is not your right.

Men created free software, and it was a men's club.
Men told jokes about women aswell while writing and
maintaining their software and their software
distibutions. Men had a good time. The atmosphere was
relaxed, everyone was a collegue, a brother, there was
not censorship of humor (or reality). Then came
debian-women. Within two years debian became hostile
to the men who once made debian great; mysoginist men
need not apply (the men who are most willing to spend
their time for the good of their fellow man (man, not
woman) are discouraged from participating). The
situation deteriorated. Jokes unpopular with the new
female "colleagues" (though they are more like
demanding wives then helpfull partners... because they
are feminists) were censored, any disparaging (and
true) comments about women could get a debian
developer on the fast track to being kicked out of the

Communication broke down. Debian was no longer a
healty and fun place for men to lash together and
build a great monument, Debian was now just another
podium for women to tell men how oppressive they are
and give demands to men.

Please Debian women, for the sake of what we men have
created, out of respect for us, please do away with
yourselves; pass away.

We do not need a woman's rights movement in debian. We
also do not need to marginalize MEN who contribute to
our project. We never needed women's help and we don't
need women's help now.

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