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The influx of women and the outflux of men. The end of debian as a distro and it's emergance as a women's rights pulpit.

If you have not noticed packages are being orphaned at
an alarming rate in debian. Why? The influx of women's
rights activists into debian and the outflux and
disintrest of men who once contributed to debian
(sometime the forced remove as in the case of Jonathan
Walther who was removed from debian because he was
against Debian women from the start and apparently did
not care for the food in a second rate hotel in a
third world country).

It is a social fact that when women move into a social
club or area of study men start to move out (the
opposite is also true). This is exactly what is
happening to debian right now. While women muscle
their way into debian and intrench themselves within
the social and (for lack of a better word) "legal"
frameworks of debian men (who are not compensated for
their work on debian; all is gratis) who were once
willing to work in a "all boys" club enviroment find
themselves less and less encouraged to submit
assistance to a beast that derides them as
"opressors", laughs at "mens rights" (a husband's
right to his wife etc), and berates any man who stands
against the feminist women's rights juggernaught (see
Jonathan Walther). Men see that their contribution is
overshadowed by their "wrong thinking" (in the eyes of
the debian president, the flock of debian women, and
the "faggot" minded supporters of said debian women)
so they must make a decision: change their beliefs and
stay with debian or do not change their beliefs and be
derided and then eventually kicked out of debian.

Debian is no longer run on the concept of merit, it is
run on the humanist concept of thought crime. It is a
thought crime to think lowly of any woman or to
disagree strongly with the plan of the debian-women.

You can no longer not adhere to feminist dogma of
sexual equality and female supremicism and stay in the
debian project; you are unwanted, MEN are unwanted.

MEN, however, are not unneeded.

Debian will die the death if it continues to support
women's rights and deride men who do not support
women's rights, just as societies who support women's
rights are dying with their ever falling birth rates
so is debian dying with it's ever falling developer

Women's rights may even befall the entire free
software movement as more and more projects pick up a
feminist wing, and less men decide to join these
projects to keep them vitalized.

Feminism is anathema to Man. You cannot have free
software or debian without Man, and Man means MEN.

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