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Re: The influx of women and the outflux of men. The end of debian as a distro and it's emergance as a women's rights pulpit.

Debian Women Please Pass Away <debianwomenpassaway@yahoo.com>
> If you have not noticed packages are being orphaned at
> an alarming rate in debian. Why? The influx of women's
> rights activists into debian and the outflux and
> disintrest of men who once contributed to debian [...]

I think you'll find both of those are correlated with time
and you presented no evidence whatsoever for a causal link.

Better luck next time at finding people who are bad at maths.

Man does not mean only male and it's people like the OP who
make that argument hard to sustain.  Such claims do harm to
the English language, as well as other relevant causes.

Please stop.
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