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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org>
> MJ Ray writes: [...]
> > I've seen one suggestion that Sven Luther's handling of his
> > personal life events is inappropriate. Now, the DPL suggests
> > that Sven Luther is abnormal.
> Normality is not necessarily a judgment.  I would say that almost all
> DDs are abnormal by virtue of giving so much time as unpaid work where
> it would be easy to get paid well for similar work.  This is far from
> a judgment that DDs are doing something wrong or a wish that they
> would stop -- and given the context ("more than what anyone could
> reasonably expect you to"), I find it hard to read the "normal people"
> line above as an insult.

Normality is not necessarily a judgment of morality, but it
is necessarily a judgment of normality.  The DPL's judgment
looks mistaken and I continued to explain that continuing to
work on debian is possibly more normal than walking away.
Basic research like browsing the web or Usenet shows that
in great quantity.  So, what reason is there for suggesting
Sven Luther's approach to personal life events is abnormal?
And how does it help, anyway? Will Anthony Towns mediate to
a conclusion, rather than abort while criticising one DD?

(By the way, are most DDs not getting paid, either directly
or indirectly?  Serious question: I've no data on it to hand.)

I await replies with interest.

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