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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>

> Because we don't want to dishonour your mother, or diminish your loss by
> reconciling it with Debian's priorities. You've been dealing with more
> than what anyone could reaosonably expect you to recently -- and normal
> people would respond to that by just not doing Debian stuff. [...]

I think that was a disgraceful insult.  Please retract it.

I've seen one suggestion that Sven Luther's handling of his
personal life events is inappropriate. Now, the DPL suggests
that Sven Luther is abnormal.  Throwing oneself into other work
seems a fairly common reaction to personal stresses.  If there
were a norm for this, that reaction would be the normal one!
Of course, there is no such norm: there are many valid reactions.

Anyway, individual developers may make any non-technical
decision about their work - which surely includes how much to
work after personal life events.  There are different views
among DDs on such events: see last August.  It is ridiculous
to make general claims about normal or appropriate behaviour
after them.  Just think, how would the "take a break to mourn"
DDs react to being told they're silly, weird, or inhuman?

Where the actions of an individual cause problems, others should
take Specific, Measured, Appropriate, Realistic, Time-limited
(SMART) measures to deal with those problems and fix the bugs.

Removing commit access because of poor discussions doesn't
seem appropriate, so it's not a SMART move. Also, it wasn't
realistic to expect it to end the poor discussions: it gives
Sven Luther more time and motive for them. It seems a troll
and Sven Luther willingly answered it.  I am in disbelief that
the DPL called it reasonable and is not mediating.

Several posters seem happy that svenl has the technical ability.
Please re-grant commit access and use a measured discussion ban.
Laux nur mia opinio: vidu http://people.debian.org/~mjr/
Bv sekvu http://www.uk.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

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