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Re: Proposal: The future of the Debian NM process

Re: Jeremiah Foster 2006-05-16 <1147810819.454.23.camel@localhost.localdomain>
> Limiting voting rights seems a step in the wrong direction. Doesn't
> debian want more enfranchisement rather that less?

We don't limit anything here, the prospective DMs can't vote in the
current system either. We can of course discuss on whether to give the
DMs voting rights (and which), but at the moment I don't think they
would get any. If you want to vote, you should be able to proceed to
full DD membership quite easily.

> > The intention is to create an intermediate role that people can get in
> > easier/earlier that allows them to learn. The expectation is that some
> > people will stay here if they are happy with uploading their packages.
> > At the same time, the people applying for "full" DD are more
> > experienced, and hence create less load on AMs. Most non-capable
> > candidates will be filtered out in the DM checks. At the same time,
> > people get (restricted) upload rights earlier, such that the following
> > DD process does not delay them that much from working on their packages.
> Is there a way to reduce administration and bureaucracy rather than
> expand it? I am astonished at the backlog in the New Maintainer
> database, but maybe I am naive.

We can't reduce bureaucracy by lessening the checks we do at the
moment - there's just too many people trying to get in, and we want to
maintain the qualification level the NM process has proven to produce
so far. In my view, the problem is that many applicants apply to early
(most often for legitimate reasons!), so that the AMs have a hard time
to go with them through all NM stuff, which is no fun for either side.
The hope is that by inserting an "easy" step inbetween, the NMs will
benefit by the ability to upload and get involved more deeply earlier,
and the AMs will benefit by getting ("2nd-stage") applicants that have
a more profound knowledge.


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