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Re: Proposal: The future of the Debian NM process

On Mon, 15 May 2006 22:04:01 -0500, Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> said:


> Stage 1:


> 6. can use his gpg key to upload this package [2]
>    -> no account/@d.o address yet
>    -> every upload which would go to NEW needs a sponsor [3,4]

I think it may be good to allow the sponsor to decide when the DM is
allowed to make uploads without a sponsor when he/she is satisfied that
the DM knows what he's doing with the package.  e.g. simple packages may
just need a single upload.  More complicated packages (e.g. libraries,
if the DM doesn't have previous experience packaging libraries) may need
a bit more oversight by the sponsor before he/she is satisfied.


> [3] Do we allow existing sources with new binaries to go to new?
> (Library renames etc.)
> -> has to be discussed

We could leave this up to ftp-master.  e.g. for a simple SONAME bump,
they can accept the package.  For more complicated package
reorganizations, they can reject with a request for a sponsor.

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