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Re: irc.debian.org

Le Mer 3 Mai 2006 11:58, Thijs Kinkhorst a écrit :
> Summarizing: I do not see how changing the default network would
> improve Debian's IRC channels, but it would separate the Debian
> channels from the much larger base of open source channels on
> Freenode.

that's not a valid point IMHO.

every irc client on earth knows how to deal with multiple servers. So 
after that, the fact that a channel is on that or this server is not a 
big deal, since channels don't cooperate anyway, so you still are able 
to go to #your_prefeded_FOSS_project on Freenode and on #debian on 

The current problem I have with the OFTC/Freenode Pair is that we have 
valuables channels on both networks, and that sucks: where to find:
 - #alioth ? OFTC
 - #debian-devel ? both
 - #debian-kde ? Freenode
 - #debian-release ? OFTC
 - ...

and *that* is the problem I have with debian atm, because it's hard to 
know where channels are. I personnally don't care if all go to Freenode 
or OFTC, it's only a matter of consistency
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