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Re: irc.debian.org

On Sun, 2006-04-30 at 19:34 +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I've heard it suggested by a variety of people that we should move the
> official irc.debian.org alias away from freenode to oftc. I can see
> that more and more of my own Debian IRC discussions are on oftc, to
> the extent that I'm (currently) not on any freenode channels at
> all.

Disagree. I'm on some channels for other projects aswell, and they are
all on Freenode. Freenode is the de-facto standard for open source IRC
channels, and moving away from it should only be done for very
compelling reasons.

I personally have not had any serious problem with freenode in the
recent past. I guess the main problem with freenode would stem from
quite some years ago. Time has passed and Freenode improved.

Of course one can find a problem with any network, just as OFTC has its
problems too. To give an example, when trying to connect recently, I
discovered that there isn't even a server list available on their
website (quite basic information), and that irc.eu.oftc.net does not
connect you to a European server.

> On another front, oftc is also a sister org under the SPI
> umbrella.

What advantage does the same umbrella bring in choosing an IRC network?

Summarizing: I do not see how changing the default network would improve
Debian's IRC channels, but it would separate the Debian channels from
the much larger base of open source channels on Freenode.


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