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Re: irc.debian.org

On 10643 March 1977, Paul Johnson wrote:

>> > or indicating their status with nicknames (which also spams the
>> > channel).  You also get spammed on IRC whenever someone joins or
>> > leaves a channel.
>> Most IRC clients allow those to be switched off. Personally, I happen to
>> like them.
> s/most/none/.  I just tried irssi, ircii, kopete, and ejabberd's IRC clients.  
> None have this.

That shows that you dont know what you did, probably due to your
Jabber-love :)

Ignorance List:
 #achannel: JOINS PARTS QUITS  
 #anotherchan: JOINS PARTS QUITS

The ignorance system works very well for that.
Type /help levels in irssi to see what else you could ignore.

I have a jabber account (and an own server) and use that also, but i
wouldnt ever want to have groupchats there. or to drop IRC. IRC is just
soo much better than Jabber for most things I want to get done online,
talking with others...

bye Joerg
It seems to me that the account creation step could be fully automated:
checking the box "approved by DAM" could trigger an insert into the LDAP
database thereby creating the account.

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