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Re: About terminology for stable/testing/unstable

On Mon, 1 May 2006 10:10:20 +0200 Christian Perrier wrote:

> Distribution: used to talk about Debian in general, whichever branch
>               is used
> Branch (or suite): used to talk about stable, testing and unstable
>                    and explain differences between all of them or the
>                    ways they are developed 
> Release     : used to talk about the successive releases of
>               Debian as a distribution: potato, woody, sarge....as
>               well as the release updates
> Version     : used when using numerical version numbers (3.1r2, etc..)
> I understand this is somewhat tricky and it may become very easy to
> nitpick about the assumptions I made above but I'd really like to see
> us accept that not everything is easy to understand from an outsider
> point of view, in our terminology.
> Comments welcomed (heh, I subscribed to -project just for this...)

I find the proposed clarifications quite accurate: To test, the
following sentence to makes sense (no word reuse for different

when finalizing a branch of the Debian distribution, its internal
codename is used as official release name and a version number is

 - Jonas

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