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Re: irc.debian.org

Marco d'Itri wrote:
> astronut@dlgeek.net wrote:
>>>> I agree with Steve. While I agree that freenode has many flaws (the
>>>> biggest being NOIDPRIVMSG), I find that while I am in Debian channels on
>>> Exactly, why is an optional feature such a big flaw?
>> Because it's the default and practically no one changes it. This is a
> Maybe because actually it's not such a big deal? :-)
>> big problem, because on a network that offers so many support channels,
>> you have a lot of users who are on only to get a question answered (Foo
>> isn't working, what am I doing wrong?). These users have no desire, nor
>> real reason to register a nick. Also, there are lots of times I have
> They do not need to. If you want to receive their privated messages then
> *you* can disable NOIDPRIVMSG and they will not even know about it.
Yet it's the default, and many don't even realize they can change this
setting. Also, freenode strongly recommends that channels only allow
comments from registered users.
>> been disconnected, and not noticed I wasn't ID'd. I have sent people
>> messages, and only hours later realized that they weren't received
>> because I wasn't re-ID'd.
> Can I suggest you use one of the autoidentification scripts?
Yes, I keep meaning to, but that's the point: it forces more work onto
the user.
>> You may also want to ask some of the DD's who refuse to use freenode
>> anymore. Some of them have very detailed gripes that might be able to be
>> addressed.
> Yes, some of them are also former staff members or server sponsors...
I'm talking about well after the OFTC formation. If there are that many
people dissatisfied with freenode, it seems likely that there are
underlying problems that cause this. One thing I've noticed is certain
unprofessional behavior among some of the staff. For instance, the april
fools joke played on OFTC was very unprofessional IMHO.

Please realize, I'm not anti-freenode, I just think that there are
improvements that can be made.

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